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IT and Telecom Services:

XplorG was conceived with philosophy to cater diverse requirements popped with intersection of Telecommunication and IT. This verge of IT/Telecom merge triggered us to create our in-house tools and services map under Telco360° umbrella with unique algorithms to mold on multiservice as per our customer requirements on NFV/SDN, 5G/4G/3G/2G requirements with prime focus to cater legacy, present and future NextGen networks.

IT/Telco Customized Software Solutions:

Xplorg’s Telco360° framework provide ‘off-the-shelf’ agile packs armed with our in house developed “Tetra Algorithm” where CSPs can cherry pick the modules on Configuration-Management, Performance-Management, Topology-Management and Alarm-Management to frame customized Tools based on specific pain points. Our Customized software solutions encompass to cater auto-audit, Deep level optimization, NW assurance, NW Planning/Dimensioning, SNMP aggregation, Performance/KPI solution, Telco Virtual traffic generation, Auto SLA assurance, Auto Hygiene detection/clearances, Multi APIs for MobileApp extensions, Flashy dashboards, Multi-integration requirements, Acceptance testing and many more.

IP and Telecom Training Services:

Our training services is the extract of our experiential attributes derived with many years of experience in Telco and IT networks. Portfolio covers legacy, present trend and future network requirement by covering 2G/3G/4G/5G Telco NW, SDN/NFV requirements at center and expanding horizon with IOT,MTC and slicing. Portfolio is designed to cater diverse requirements i.e. multi-vendor, multi-domains where customers can cherry pick the basics to advanced level trainings based on the competence levels and to customize requirements as per need.


Telco360° Framework Offerings:


Quality Assurance

IMS/EPC/CS/PS Planning

Low level Design

Auto-healing Implementations

platter Customizations

Quality Boosting

Auto Acceptance

remote/on-line support

Management Services



Option-1: Customized in-house SW Tool development Services.
Option-2: Modular Software as a Service (SAS) Solution.
Option-3: Telco360º Based Services offer.
Option-4: PAY-I model (Pay As You Improve) model.